From large, distributed workforces to multi-location retail outlets, mobility solutions provide nationwide coverage and are delivered through the consolidation of the most trusted wireless networks.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Complimentary access to award-winning MDM (Mobile Device Management) software for better control, security, and compliance
  • Enroll, restrict, deploy, and control devices through your customized portal
  • Remotely locate, wipe, and lock any enrolled device in real time
  • Rules-based ‘Geo-Fencing’ capabilities help to automate your field workforce and provides access to latest and greatest data

Nationwide Mobility

  • Nationwide coverage anywhere, anytime
  • Access to cross-carrier pooling for data, voice, and text
  • Share single plans across multiple providers for all users or locations
  • AirWatch and/or SOTI MDM is included for all smart operating systems
  • Enjoy award-winning, U.S.-based 24/7/365 help desk
  • Access our online self-serve management portal
  • Experience the Telecom Expense Management portal with single-screen access to all multiple carrier devices
  • Access to a single point of contact for all device ordering, moves, adds, changes, deletes and recycling
  • Access to a single contract and single-source provider for all networks, on one invoice
  • International roaming plan management program

Internet of Things

  • Simplify and seamlessly deploy a cost-effective solution to monitor meters, components, or products
  • Obtain proven expertise not readily available directly from mobile carriers
  • Access a single portal for access to manage all IoT devices 24/7/365
  • Experience secure, dedicated connectivity to your endpoints through a private IP pool
  • Experience ensured dedicated connection from the nation’s leading mobile providers to our secure MPLS
  • Customize data plans to match your IoT’s current and future bandwidth needs

Fixed Wireless Mobility

  • Witness 4G LTE speeds reaching 5Mbps up and down
  • Replace aging copper technologies that are more expensive and less reliable
  • PcDoc4u matches you with the best mobile carrier coverage in your area
  • Fixed Wireless is typically deployed with LTE embedded in a router, so you can be up and running in 24 hours
  • Fixed Wireless is the perfect, cost-effective backup to your primary circuit, including PCI-compliant security
  • Cross-carrier pooling option covers you, regardless of which location goes down or which carrier is being utilized there

Mobile POTS

  • Replace copper based dial tone for increased savings and reliability
  • Mobile POTS provides standard dial tone to existing handsets with an RJ-11 interface, using the mobile network as the transport
  • Allows your business to keep its existing numbers.
  • Mobile POTS requires only 1X coverage, so it can be installed anywhere, AND is half the cost of traditional POTS lines, so you can assess and plan your technology upgrade path
  • PcDoc4u fixed price plan allows for accurate budget planning
  • Internal batteries in each unit grant over 3 hours of talk time and over 40 hours of standby

Push to Talk

  • Enhanced solution puts PTT on the nation’s best networks
  • Works seamlessly over Wi-Fi
  • Use an Integrated Dispatch feature to communicate with your entire workforce and see their locations live on Google Maps
  • Because it can be installed onto devices that you already have, PTT is a cost-effective option for your business
  • Add to existing mobile devices – no need to carry multiple devices
  • Compatible with purpose-specific PTT mobile devices, any smartphone or tablet

Mobile Help Desk Management

  • Our Support as a Service option maintains a single point of contact for all services
  • Our U.S.-based centers are company-owned and operated, ensuring complete control of your program
  • Your dedicated account support manager watches your deployments and escalation paths, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities instead of daily management
  • Escalation support ensures fast action and results with carriers
  • Enjoy award-winning, U.S.-based 24/7/365 help desk
  • PcDoc4u is a single point of contact for all device ordering, moves, adds, changes, deletes and recycling

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