MPLS Network provides a higher level of security, speed, and reliability from custom telecom solutions.

Performance is increased with MPLS network through the elimination of packet loss and backbone congestion. This results in additional power and speed when processing video streaming, Web-based commerce apps and secure, corporate email clients. The services provided by this solution are optimized and boosted through the combining of private and public IP services. Subsequently assisting in delivering advanced network technologies and allowing for the integration of both wireless and wireline communications options within the overall network.

MPLS services are designed to work best with businesses that are looking to migrate from their existing VPN, frame relay or ATM solutions. This achieves a faster and more secure experience, while still embracing cost-cutting measures that will boost their return on investment. MPLS Network Service is ideal for businesses that operate on a national level with multiple location offices. Take advantage of the data-intensive and powerful voice apps across a high-speed, yet secure environment.


  • Functions and services that help to reduce costs while guaranteeing security and redundancy through the use of enhanced features and meshing with existing virtual private networks (VPN).
  • Access speeds options available which include Ethernet up to 10Gbps or DS1, DS3 and OC12.
  • Better management and handling of high-speed bandwidth to ensure higher quality video, voice and data networking.
  • Customer service team members at our 24/7 network operation centers work around the clock to identify potential issues
  • Boost power and enhance security, while helping to lower telecom costs overall.

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